Projects of the past: looking at old code in personal projects

Projects of the past: looking at old code in personal projects

In my sophomore year in college, I decided to create my first personal project. It was a chatbot. I used ChatterBot, an open-source chatbot library. This project was my first time using Python and wanted to create a simple application that answers interview questions.

It does not come as a surprise people have various projects. The reasons could be learning something new, the project was for an assignment, or wanting to share code or solutions for a problem. I found it easy to start projects based on my interests. I decided to return to my old chatbot project I completed a few years ago and try to update it. However, I knew I had to make a few changes.

How it feels to return to a personal project

Returning to my projects, I knew what I needed to change and refactor. I always add comments to keep notes (that's why comments are important) for my chatbot project. I'm planning to use ChatGPT API and the framework used was Flask. Despite returning to my project after a while, I made a minor change to the README that my project will have a major update.

As for now, I'll keep on working on it.

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Jamie Larson