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Need help with getting solutions? I can help!


Need content for a blog or newsletter?

I have published on sites like DEV.to and have been featured on social media. After a year, I started my blog to showcase my projects.

Services include writing articles, guest posts, and ghostwriting.

QA Testing

Have an application that needs testing or to speed up the QA process? I'll test web applications, enterprise, and video games.


Need a blog or getting up a shop? Setting up your brand and products online? I can help you with e-commerce advice and merchandising. Or are you learning how to integrate AI into your daily workflow? I can help assist you in helping you invest in AI tools that will help your productivity.

I can help choose a hosting provider, web domains, and web analytics to help boost your brand!

Want to reach out?

Please view my contact page to reach out to me. Click on my Calendy link to schedule a meeting. It is a mandatory meeting before starting work.

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Jamie Larson