Clickbait to Listicles: The continued rise of low-quality articles in the age of AI

Not surprising that AI tools are taking over the market and are increasingly becoming more common. Content creation in general will take the biggest hit. I use AI editing tools for my writing. I will go in and edit and make corrections if need be and AI does speed up the process. However, using AI to write articles and not changing anything makes low-effort content even worse. I have seen articles filled with word salad and nothing of value. Since this is my blog I will write about my own experiences. Writing about software development and tech has been one of the niche blogging topics.

Drive for more personal content

There is a reason why I tend to switch to a more personal perspective and switch to the first person when I'm writing my posts. This is my journey and I want to share my hobbies with others. The market continues to be saturated with more articles that state the same generic information over and over again. I prefer a personal tone over a more formal and artificial tone in writing. It's normal to see copied and pasted articles written by ChatGPT without any editing published on the internet. It only takes minutes to write an article or post using AI causing more quality content to be buried.

Diversifying Content

It's no surprise that content creators will have various forms of content and topics to talk about. I'm no different. Since I write about the development of my projects, I do plan to shift to talk about other topics unrelated to tech and development. This is one of the reasons I moved away from free blogging platforms despite the traffic I received. Having various content prevents me from being pigeonholed into one specific topic.

The line between low and high standards

With the expansion of AI tools, the line between low and high standards is being blurred. On social media, there are countless debates regarding AI art and video tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Sora AI, and other tools. While I believe AI art still has weaknesses (that will be another topic for another day) since it's still in its infancy there are still going to be ongoing conversations that will be related to content creation.

The inevitable future

With the future of being a content creator, I have to understand the value of quality content in the age of AI. I would say my standards have increased from when I started writing 4 years ago. I feel comfortable moving on to new opportunities and challenges going forward.

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Jamie Larson